Sexy Health Carnival

NYSHN Youth Facilitator Alexa Lesperance with the help of her community, Naotkamegwanning First Nation, created what we like to call the Sexy Health Carnival. The carnival works to break the barriers of fear, stigma and shame relating to issues that we face in our communities. It has creating safer practices content that makes learning information about issues that affect our bodies more accessible and most importantly more fun to learn about for inspiring youth, community members and Elders! Various booths range from topics such as suicide, harm reduction, consent, sexual violence prevention, STI’s, birth control and masturbation (which by the way Alexa's mom made ).
The carnival is also jam packed with prizes, culturally safe information, and safer sex supplies. What people really love however are our interactive games that include the wheel of sex trivia board and sex positive, button making!

Click here for a detailed list of what's available in the Sexy Health Carnival!
Click here for the Sexy Health Carnival Tool Kit!

**If you or your community/organization is interested in hosting the Sexy Health Carnival, please contact us**