Culture & Safer Sex Memes

Two of our areas of work at the Native Youth Sexual Health Network are culturally safe sexuality education and #MediaArtsJustice. To celebrate National Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week February 10-16th, 2013 we launched new internet memes. These memes are a fun, sex-positive way to share about sexual and reproductive health, our cultures and Indigenous youth-made media. Knowing our cultures and knowing our bodies can be fun and sexy! And in this case tasty! Please feel free to share these memes or make your own based off of this idea.
Read our blog on "Knowing Our Cultures, Knowing Our Bodies: Indigenous Youth Reclaiming Health, Rights, and Justice."
You can tag us on Facebook in your memes or on Twitter @NYSHN with hashtags #RespectYourself #ProtectYourself or #BeProudofYourCulture