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Purchase “Sex Ed and Youth: Colonization, Communities of Colour, and Sexuality” published by the CCPA in January 2009.

Summary of the book:

Editor Jessica Danforth unravels the seemingly impenetrable and often unquestioned connections between youth, sex education, the impacts of colonization and the realities of communities of colour. With contributions from several youth of colour and a section written by (and for) allies, this issue delves deeply into the trenches of what's happened, what's still not working, and what needs to take place for equitable sex education to become a reality for the next generation. Up-front, in-your-face, and unapologetic, Sex Ed and Youth: Colonization, Sexuality and Communities of Colour provides readers with a powerful lens of truth. It shares the many perspectives of youth who are not only confronting their history of colonization head-on, they are breaking new ground to continue the fight.