Areas of Work

Interested in working with the Native Youth Sexual Health Network? Fill out our contact form and let us know what you are interested in doing.

Our key areas of work:
Sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice contain a wide range of issues. Some of our key areas of work include:

  • Culturally safe sex education
  • Reclaiming rites of passage, coming of age ceremonies and traditional knowledge
  • Healthy relationships and violence prevention
  • Pregnancy options, youth parenting and families
  • Environmental justice and environmental violence
  • Harm reduction
  • Two-Spirited and LGBTTIQQA advocacy and awareness
  • Sexually Transmitted and Blood Borne Infections (STBBIs) and HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention
  • Youth in custody, jail, prison and the child welfare system
  • Sex trade, sex industries and street economies
  • Indigenous feminisms and masculinities
  • Sexual self-esteem and empowerment
  • Media literacy
  • Youth activism and human rights

We Do Advocacy, Outreach, & Community Mobilization:

This includes community/group/school/ organization workshops, teach-ins, presentations, curriculum and resource creation, as well as long-term collaborative projects.

We also do: media arts justice work including short films and videos, diverse arts-based responses, media campaigns, zines, declaration and statement writing, and community-based participatory action research.