Building A Highway to Hope

NYSHN teamed up with the Highway of Tears Initiative which is dedicated to seeking justice for the families and communities of missing and murdered women and children who have gone missing from Highway 16 located in northwestern British Columbia.

For 2 years they traveled to numerous areas across this region working with youth, Elders, families, and communities. As a result, the documentary "Building a Highway of Hope" was created.


A 2006 symposium held in response to the communities’ demands for action in response to the numerous deaths connected to this aptly named section of Highway 16 yielded 33 recommendations that address the need for physical human services. The Highway of Tears Initiative was born out of the recommendations to engage youth and create sustainable opportunities for healing. When dealing with one of the most devastating travesties in the history of violence against women, it is time to arm ourselves with enough power of our culture and strength of our youth, to lead the way to end these cycles of violence. Chronicling the Highway of Tears Initiative in seven communities within a two-year time span, Building a Highway of Hope gives voice to what is not often seen or reported about - what youth are doing to effect positive change; by reconstructing a Highway of Hope.

Produced by: The Highway of Tears Initiative
Filmed and Directed by: Native Youth Sexual Health Network 
Edited by: Tor Sandberg

Wilma Boyce
Elaine Jules
Lisa Krebs
Oshen Frank
Nadine Boyce
Danielle Boyce

22 minutes in length
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